About RMovement!

We are RMovement, an intersectional radical organisation, aimed to embody a movement strong enough to change society by using our collective creativity and energy to build educate and empower.

We believe in creating a strong foundation based in the community, this will ensure that R Movement is successful and fulfills everything we plan to achieve for the community. We believe that the key essence to all movements will always be the people.

Education, Organisation, Liberation!

Our Aims

  • We want to dismantle of all systems of oppression.
  • We demand people to have their rights to shelter, education, food and clothing.
  • We want an end to the destruction of the environment and life on the Earth and for the environment/planet of which we live in to be respected and sustained.
  • We want education for the youth that educates them about their social economic disposition, history and culture and the vital political role they have to play in society.
  • We want an end to the imperialist exploitation of purposely underdeveloped countries and the self determination of nations and people’s to be respected.
  • We want the health, including the mental welfare of people to be a priority, with a focus on prevention, understanding and nature of illness.
  • We want the communities most affected by oppression to lead their struggles for liberation.
  • We want an end to the criminalisation and stigmatisation of migrants and asylum seekers and an acknowledgement of the imperialist foreign policy which creates them.
  • We want to work with and support other individuals, organisations and charities who are working towards similar principles.

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