Safe Space Policy

In order to reach the society we desire, we require that people do not perpetuate oppressive relations in our meetings. We will not accept racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, elitism, religious discrimination, xenophobia, victim blaming, rape-apologism, gas lighting, psychological bullying, intimidation or aggression at our meetings.  We will not accept any attempts to defend or deny this behaviour.

We attempt to use trigger warnings or content warnings when discussing topics which some participants may find triggering or upsetting. If you do not feel comfortable abiding by these prescriptions, please do not attend our meetings. Trigger/content warnings should be used by everyone if they are about to discuss or show media of potentially trigger or upsetting topics. People should do this verbally before they speak and leave time for people to leave the room if they need to.

  • These triggers will be drawn from both this list and a list of trigger warnings that will be available for individuals to add to at the start of each meeting.
  • List:
    • Rape/rape apologism/rape denial
    • Abuse – emotional, child abuse, domestic, sexual, psychological
    • Violence
      • Gore
      • Racial violence
      • Sexual violence
      • Suicide/self-harm

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